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Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention (CEPP) Technical Assistance Grants Program

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Examples of funded projects...

Development of a comprehensive implementation and enforcement strategy for an accidental release prevention program which includes how the 112(r) program will be integrated with other State and Local programs; Development of Legislative authority, regulations, and/or documentation needed for approval of a 112(r) program for State or Local accident prevention for all sources or for some sources; Educational Videos: Each video describes to the viewer where the specific hazardous substance may be found in the community and potential business types that would and would not need to comply; Hazardous Vulnerability Analysis Plan: Describes the geographic area of the Tribe, the potential hazards facing the Tribe, and the emergency response capabilities/servicesavailable.

About this section

This section indicates the different types of projects which have been funded in the past. Only projects funded under Project Grants or Direct Payments for Specified Use should be listed here. The examples give potential applicants an idea of the types of projects that may be accepted for funding. The agency should list at least five examples of the most recently funded projects.